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EX Model Mobile Armor Exass

RM 128.00

Another stunnning EX Model from Bandai, this time featuring the Mobile Armor "Exass" in 1/144 scale.  Crisp detail all over is a trademark of Bandai's EX line of models, and the Exass is no exception.  A display stand will hold it up in "flight", when completed; its linear guns, Gunbarrels, and missile launcher are all included for incredible firepower (the missile launcher pod can extend and retract).  The Gunbarrels can also be displayed separately, with individual display stands and vinyl tubing attached to each one for the attachment leads.  Clear parts are included for the "beam cutters" on the Gunbarrels (but there are parts only for two of them).  A very nice kit that will snap together, but which will require painting for accurate colouring.  A paint mixing guide (in Japanese) is included in the instructions list.