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Figure-Rise Standard Ultraman Geed Primitive

RM 125.00

Ultraman Geed Primitive from "Ultraman Geed" joins the "Figure-Rise Standard" action figure model kit lineup from Bandai! You can reproduce the charging and firing pose for the Wrecking Burst with abundant effect parts and an incredible range of motion! Effect parts that can be attached to the hands and head for the charging pose are included, as is an effect part for the firing of the Wrecking Burst. The parts at the back of the neck sink into the head to allow for increased movement, and the base of the shoulder is movable for more natural poses. New hand parts are included for Geed's unique poses. The chest uses "core back molding," the first of its kind in this lineup! "Core-back molding" is a technology that controls the flow of resin by moving and deforming the inside of the mold during the multicolor molding process, and molds a single part that combines resins of different colors. This allows for both complex color coding and ease of assembly! Order him for your own collection today!


  • Hand parts (x1 set)
  • Color timer (x2 types)
  • Wretcking Burst effect
  • Face parts for Wrecking Burst
  • Stickers