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[PRE-ORDER] HG Infinite Justice Gundam Type II

RM 110.00

Introducing a High Grade kit of the Infinite Justice Gundam Type II from the movie "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom"!

The kit is equipped with a specialized internal structure "SEED Action System" for capturing iconic action poses from the film. Achieve the graceful "leg flexibility" seen in the series by adding a pivot axis to the legs.

Includes a lead wire for replicating the anchor's launching state.

The backpack boasts four individually movable wings, allowing for dynamic upper and lower expansion. Each wing also comes with beam effect parts for added flair. The backpack can also be detached for solo display.

The silver parts feature a Real Metallic Gloss Injection material, enhancing their metallic luster. Additionally, it comes with effect parts that can be attached to the head for added customization.

Includes a variety of armaments, such as beam rifles, beam sabers, and a beam shield. The beam boomerang housed within the shield can also be removed and held in hand!

Included Accessories:

  • Beam Rifle
  • Beam Sabers x2
  • Shield
  • Beam Shield
  • Effect Parts x1 set
  • Hand Parts x1 set
  • Lead Wire
  • Stickers