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30MS Siana-Amarcia (Vivace Form)

RM 128.00

Ciana=Amalthia (Vivace Form) is the latest "30Minutes Sisters' (30MS) figure kit from Bandai! This all-in-one kit includes parts to build the figure, three interchangeable facial expressions, and armor parts. Her faces are tampo-printed, and she comes with long hair parts and armor that evokes underwater equipment. The arm armor can be opened and closed, too. Of course, you can use face parts, hairstyles, and body parts from Bandai's "30MS" lineup to customize her into your own one-of-a-kind creation! Order her for your own collection today!


  • Face parts (x3)
  • Armor parts
  • Hand parts
  • Joint parts for 30MM armor
  • Display base