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Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider 000 Tatoba Combo

RM 143.00

Kamen Rider OOO is now available as the 14th installment of Bandai's Heisei Rider plastic model project, "Heisei Rider Project Beginning"! Kamen Rider OOO is equipped with the biggest feature of the combo-change gimmick; his chest crest, which would be difficult to do in separate colored parts, is reproduced with a tampo-printed part for accuracy. He comes with a full range of accessories such as Traclaws, Medajaribur and Batter Legs! Three Cell Medals that can be attached to the Medajaribur are also included. Get this mighty hero for your own collection now!


  • Medajaribur
  • Core Medal (Hawk, Tiger, Grasshopper)
  • Cell Medal (x3)
  • Traclaw (deployed)
  • Batter Leg (deployed)
  • Autoscanner
  • Cell Medal effect (x4 types)
  • Interchangeable hands: grip hand (left and right), flat hand (left and right), medal-holding hand (left and right), Medaja River-holding hand (left and right), Autoscanner hand (right)
  • Figure-rise Effect base
  • Foil seals