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Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Gotenks

RM 85.50 RM 95.00

Super Saiyan Gotenks joins Bandai's Figure-rise Standard lineup of kits!

Gotenks comes with parts molded in separate colors, so no paint is necessary to complete the kit. The snap-fit assembly is easy, and takes advantage of Gotenks' muscles and clothing to create a natural look similar to an action figure. He comes with two expressions (standard and shouting), a set of Super Ghosts, an effect part for his Galactic Donut attack, and plenty of hands to use for different poses.

[Set Contents]:

  • Super Ghost set
  • Galactic Donut effect part
  • Fist hand (right, left)
  • Peace sign hand (left)
  • Pointing hand (right)
  • Kamehameha hand (right, left)