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MG Gundam Astray Turn Red

RM 280.00

The Gundam Astray Turn Red, a variant of the Gundam Astray Red Frame from the "Gundam Seed VS Astray" side story, is now available in MG form! The model accurately captures the red and white inverted colors, as well as the iconic V-Fin, chin guard, and original backpack. The Gundam Astray Turn Red comes equipped with 2 Tactical Arms packs that can be converted into a massive buster sword or a stationary chain gun. A small display base is included to balance the weight of the Tactical Arms. Additionally, it features a hip-mounted Armor Schneiders beam rifle and a shield to round off its arsenal. The beam rifle and shield can also be used with the MG Astray Red Frame to display its original form. Please note that this is a P-Bandai item sold exclusively in Non-Asia Countries.


  • Tactical Arms x 2
  • Beam rifle x 1
  • Shield x 1