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Musha Keroro Robo

RM 31.00

Keroro launches yet another of his wacky plans to invade "Pekopon" (Earth), this time with his triple-changing Musha Keroro Robo armed with a lance weapon! This simple snap-fit assembly kit has three items for you to build: Musha Keroro, Mokuba-Type Saucer, and Musha Keroro Robo. Musha Keroro's body frame comes assembled and molded on a single runner; all you need to do is cut it off the sprues and attach the head and armor parts. Place Musha Keroro on the Mokuba-Type Saucer and attach it to the head of Musha Keroro Robo to complete Musha mode, or transform it into Ushigaeru ("bullfrog") mode. The robot can also combine with the other four Keroro Platoon members' robots (sold separately, linked below) and form the head and chest of the ultimate Kidou Kyoshin Keroro Daishougun robot! A sheet of foil stickers is included.