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RG Evangelion Unit-03 The Enchanted Sheild of Virtue Set

RM 234.00

From "Rebuild of Evangelion" comes a set of the RG General-purpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon Android Evangelion Regular Practical Type 3 with an ESV Shield! The 'spine movement' and 'arm twisting' allow for impressive, human-like articulation. The cover that was used to transport Unit 3 has been sculpted for the first time, as well! The set comes with the 'ENCHANTED SHIELD OF VIRTUE' for Unit 0, as well as hand parts for the ESV shield. Order today!


  • Evangelion dedicated optical system protection cover
  • Auxiliary pedestal for shield
  • Unit 0 hand parts for shield
  • Progressive knife x2 types (when normal, when retracted)
  • Hand parts 
  • Palette rifle 
  • Umbilical cable 
  • Realistic decals